Feature: Design history

Reputations: Richard Hollis

Reputations: Richard Hollis

‘The ideal situation is where you sit with the client and design with them. If anything is emphasised…

Marked by time

Marked by time

Two catalogues reveal much about stencil-making in Germany and the US in the mid-twentieth century, while…

Social vision

Social vision

RoSPA’s Second World War safety posters challenge orthodox views of British Modernism


Seize the sans serif

Raw, vigorous, experimental and often funny, Ark magazine helped to transform British graphics


23 Envelope: ambience and inner space

Operating undercover, using the enigmatic title of 23 Envelope, Nigel Grierson and his partner Vaughan…


Reputations: Roman Cieslewicz

‘Posters are dying out. They need strong themes, which at present they lack. As a form of communication…


The image as evidence

The career of Germano Facetti is exceptional in its range. As art director of Penguin Book covers in the…


Political clout: Australian posters

Screenprints gave both activists and artists a means of direct expression


The work must be read

Lawrence Weiner’s art is a kind of sculpture made of language, free from excess or embellishment and…


Permanent innovation

With his ‘livre objets’ for the French book clubs, Pierre Faucheux invented a new genre

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