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Eye newsletter
23 January 2020

Dear friends

Happy New Year

2020 comes freighted with numerical significance, since it is the 30th year of the magazine’s existence. It is also the year in which we publish the 100th issue of Eye (which you can pre-order here).


A selection of album covers designed by Vaughan Oliver.

We were very sad to learn of the untimely death of Vaughan Oliver, an old friend of the magazine, whose highly individualistic work we have featured at different times – see ‘Books in freefall’ in Eye 10, ‘Vaughan Oliver’s Minotaur’ in Eye 76, Pam Bowman’s coverage of Offset 2013 where Vaughan gave a candid talk and ‘Waste not’ in Eye 98, a review of Vaughan Oliver: Archive. Unit Editions is reprinting a limited number of copies of the book (the previous edition sold out) as a single volume, available to pre-order here, in support of St George’s Hospital, where Vaughan spent his last days.

Our condolences go out to Vaughan’s family. Anyone wishing to make a charitable donation to St George’s can use this link, specifying that donations go to the ‘Neuro Intensive Care Unit on behalf of Vaughan Oliver’.)


Mike : Sierra : Tango

Kazimir, designed by Type.Today. Photo: Lavinia Lascaris. See ‘Harmonic voices’ on the Eye blog.

On the blog, read ‘Drawing stories’, Clare Walters’ review of the second edition of Children’s Picturebooks: The art of visual storytelling by Martin Salisbury and Morag Styles.

Clare will give a talk entitled ‘Telling Stories with Pictures’ at St Bride Library next Monday, 27 January, offering insight in to her collection of wordless picturebooks and the power of pictures to tell complex stories without words.

You will also enjoy ‘Harmonic voices’ – about the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography’s exhibition ‘Mike / Sierra / Tango’ that addressed the broad landscape of contemporary, multi-script typefaces – and ‘Books received #41’, which covers Giovanni Anceschi 80 ∞, Shopfronts of London, The ABCs of Polish Design and a Swiss design manual by Müller-Brockmann.



A map indicating the share of land held by blacks in Georgia, US, at the end of the nineteenth century, featured in W. E. B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits. See ‘Information and emancipation’ in Eye 98.

As we work steadily towards the 100th issue of Eye, we have been publishing more complete texts from our archive, including reviews such as ‘Impressions of another time’ (about Counterpunch) in Eye 25, ‘A social process’ (Eye 95), ‘Gender and amnesia’ (Eye 97) and ‘Information and emancipation’ (Eye 98).


Best wishes for 2020

John L. Walters, editor

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