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More than skin deep

Issue 97, Autumn 2018


Many books about visual communication contain scant critique or objective…

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Books received #31

15 January 2018

Fili in Barcelona, the colours of Pawson, Bierut’s essays, dissent and the Resistance, and Alice Hawkins’ highly personal adventures
Here is yet another selection of books that caught our attention in recent weeks and months, reviewed by Lindsay Hargrave.

Eroticism with existential overtones

10 September 2015

In the former Yugoslavia, record covers briefly delivered a ‘disco message’ of inclusion, emancipation and hedonism. By Zeljko Luketic
Will there be a disco ball? Or at least roller-skates? Those were the two most common questions I heard while preparing a series of ‘Socialist Disco Culture’ exhibitions, writes Zeljko Luketic.