Review: June 2012

Revealing images

Revealing images

John L. Walters

Bookshop shelves groan with giant compendiums of illustration, heavy on image, light…

The New Typography

Ian Noble

The statement in the publicity for the one-day event organised by Kingston University…
Ware comes back with a darker narrative

Ware comes back with a darker narrative

David Thompson

After a four-year hiatus spent repackaging earlier work for a mainstream audience…
Biography of a special case

Biography of a special case

Rick Poynor

Robin Kinross’s book about Anthony Froshaug has been anticipated in typographic…
Political imagery re-examined

Political imagery re-examined

Steven Heller

One challenge of design and art historians today is how to analyse familiar material…

Urgent images

Eye editors

Is there a more unstable and ephemeral medium for creative communication than thermal fax…


Jim Davies

The driving force behind Qwerty – all A7 of it – is Stephen Banham, a 26-year-old graphic…

Could this be the death of the dot?

Simon Esterson

How can you make a picture look its best on the printed page? In recent years the…

Type paintings of a digital artist

Phil Baines

‘For the past five years, Neville Brody and his studio have embraced the computer as a…

Font pirates and price-cutters

András Benedek

‘The typeface market is entering its most challenging phase … there will be blood on the…
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